A modern/urban fantasy game about heroes empowed by divine heritage from ancient pantheons.
The setting is very much like the world ourside your window, except that a great deal of mythology is truth, not fiction. Hidden from mortal eyes, a battle rages: the primordial Titans are returning to the world (having escaped from the prosion in which the gods bound them), and are wagin a war on their ancient enamies.

The game will use the setting from White Wolf’s ‘Scion’ game, combined with a variant of the Cortex+ system seen in the Smallville and Marvel RPGs from Margaret Weis Productions.

Scion, American Gods, Dresden Files, Supernatural, Leverage, Bleach, Indiana Jones

The PCs are inexperience scions, who have only recently learned of their divine heritage (often via a rather cryptic visitation). The ichor that has awakened within their blood gives them powers that are beyond those of the most gifted mortals, though only a shadow of and echo of the power of their divine parents. Nevertheless, the strands of fate already dance around them, and as their power and legend grow, so to will the dangers that they face.

Dramatis personæ:
Alex Jackson, Scion of Vulcan
James Mortimer, Scion of Death
Nathan, Scion of Aphrodite
Tyler Fawe, Scion of Brigid

Scions of the Old Gods

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