Alex Jackson

Creative Experimenter


Aspects (Distinctions): d4/d8
Genius Inventor
Highly Logical & Cynical
Prefers to be Alone
[Aspects can be added as a d8; or if they hinder you d4, which earns you a point]


Strength d8+d6 Charisma d6 Perception d10
Dexterity d8 Manipulation d6 Intelligence d12+d6
Stamina d8+d6 Appearance d8 Wits d8

Abilities (Skills):

Academics d6 Craft d10 Melee d10
Animal Ken d4 Empathy d8 Occult d4
Art d6 Fortitude d10 Politics d4
Athletics d4 Integrity d10 Presence d6
Awareness d6 Investigation d10+d6 Science d10
Brawl d8 Larceny d4 Stealth d8
Command d8 Marksmanship d6 Survival d8
Control d10 (d8 drive) Medicine d4 Thrown d6

Expression d6
Intellect d8
Valour d6
Vengeance d6

Relic Necklace d8
Pegasus d10

Powers (Boons & Knacks):

Echo Sounding ability to discern the composition of the ground, including buried objects etc, for a mile or so (learning of a suitable aspect)
Bolster Fire ability to influence fire, d6 (can spend a point of legend to automatically step up a fire aspect on the scene without needing to roll)
Crushing Grip d6 bonus on grappling rolls
Self Healing d8 bonus on all physical recovery rolls; can spend a point of legend to make a recovery roll during an action scene; can also spend a point of legend once per story to automatically step down stress/trauma by 1 step
Fast Learner academics, medicine, occult, politics, and science cost half as much XP!

genius from a poor background
doesn’t believe in magical mumbo-jumbo, and is trying to think of a good explanation for why there is a winged horse wandering around whinnying at her

Alex Jackson

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