James Mortimer

Wandering cross-over artist and banisher


Aspects (Distinctions): d4/d8
Wandering cross-over artist and banisher
Pet Peeves “Drop it”
Quiet and Unassuming
Ghost Guide
[Aspects can be added as a d8; or if they hinder you d4, which earns you a point]


Strength d8 Charisma d10 Perception d8+d6
Dexterity d6+d6 Manipulation d10+d6 Intelligence d8
Stamina d10+d6 Appearance d8 Wits d8

Abilities (Skills):

Academics d4 Craft d4 Melee d10
Animal Ken d10 Empathy d10 Occult d8
Art d4 Fortitude d10 Politics d4
Athletics d4 Integrity d4 Presence d4
Awareness d10 Investigation d10 Science d4
Brawl d10 Larceny d4 Stealth d10
Command d6 Marksmanship d10 Survival d4
Control d4 Medicine d4 Thrown d4

Endurance d8
Intellect d6
Order d8
Valour d4

Cerberus Pup d10
Bastard Swords d8
Ring of Hell-Fire d8

Powers (Boons & Knacks):

Death Sense can see ghosts, and can tell what killed a body just by looking at it (in terms of general cause of death)
Euthanasia touch a living being that is on the verge of death (stressed out & d12 trauma); instantly know whether they want to pass on, and for a point of legend finish them instantly
Shadow Refuge d8 bonus to hiding in shadows; can spend a point of legend to hide in shadow, undetectable by mundane means
Fire Immunity totally immune to damage from fire & smoke (you still feel the heat, and it still affects your mundane gear)
Untouchable Opponent d8 bonus when dodging
Self Healing d8 bonus on all physical recovery rolls; can spend a point of legend to make a recovery roll during an action scene; can also spend a point of legend once per story to automatically step down stress/trauma by 1 step
Subliminal Warning double perception & awareness dice on rolls to avoid ambush; always entitled to this roll, no matter how well hiden ambushers are
Overt Order spend a point of legend and issue a simple command; mundane targets obey automatically, supernatural targets can try to resist, but you get a d10 bonus die

Scion of Death


  • Spawn (Cerberus Puppy)Three headed like its sire, Spawn Is usually well behaved and genrally tollerates mortals who cant percive his true nature (unless the humans grip on reality is flawed or if they are close to death (including unnatural). each head has a slightly different personality. The left head is often wearing found to be a pink bow, not because its mortimers favourite of the three (contrary to what he tells people) but is in fact due to the face its the head that has bitten him the most often.
  • Band of Judgement (A golden ring forged of hell fire)
  • Swords of the true Scythe (A pair of bastard swords made from fragments of the scythe of death)These swords reflect the late 15th century european style but are in fact far older. this is because in the mid /late 15th centuary the swords fell into mortal posession.

James Mortimer

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