Nathan Dow

Gentleman Thief


Aspects (Distinctions): d4/d8
Gentleman Thief
[Aspects can be added as a d8; or if they hinder you d4, which earns you a point]


Strength d6 Charisma d8 Perception d8
Dexterity d8 Manipulation d8 Intelligence d8
Stamina d8 Appearance d12+d6 Wits d8

Abilities (Skills):

Academics d6 Craft d4 Melee d6
Animal Ken d8 Empathy d8 Occult d4
Art d4 Fortitude d4 Politics d6
Athletics d8 Integrity d8 Presence d8
Awareness d6 Investigation d8 Science d4
Brawl d4 Larceny d10 Stealth d8
Command d10+d6 Marksmanship d6 Survival d8
Control d6 Medicine d4 Thrown d6

Expression d8
Intellect d6
Valour d6
Vengeance d6

Relic Bracelet d8
Arthur the Cat d6

Powers (Boons & Knacks):

Animal Communication (Cats) can converse with felines
Shadow Refuge d8 bonus to hiding in shadows; can spend a point of legend to hide in shadow, undetectable by mundane means
Night Eyes take no penalties for seeing in darkness (GM does not get to use darkness dice, or has them reduced to d4)
Cat’s Eyes sees what the cat sees
Overt Order spend a point of legend and issue a simple command; mundane targets obey automatically, supernatural targets can try to resist, but you get a d10 bonus
Inspirational Figure d6 bonus on inspirational speeches and monologues; spend legend to put a suitable aspect on the scene
Serpent’s Gaze Spend a point of legend and lock gaze with a mortal target to mesmerise them; supernatural targets can resist, but you get a d10 bonus
Self Healing d8 bonus on all physical recovery rolls; can spend a point of legend to make a recovery roll during an action scene; can also spend a point of legend once per story to automatically step down stress/trauma by 1 step

Nathan Dow

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