Tyler Fawe

Muse of the Forge


Aspects (Distinctions): d4/d8
Muse of the Forge
Eye for Detail
Tireless Worker
Fire & Ice
[Aspects can be added as a d8; or if they hinder you d4, which earns you a point]


Strength d8+d6 Charisma d6 Perception d8+d6
Dexterity d8 Manipulation d6 Intelligence d8
Stamina d12+d6 Appearance d8 Wits d8

Abilities (Skills):

Academics d8 Craft d10 (d12 metalwork) Melee d10
Animal Ken d6 Empathy d8 Occult d6
Art d8 (d10 music) Fortitude d8 Politics d4
Athletics d10 Integrity d8 Presence d6
Awareness d6 Investigation d8 Science d6
Brawl d6 Larceny d4 Stealth d6
Command d4 Marksmanship d4 Survival d8
Control d6 (d8 drive) Medicine d4 Thrown d4

Courage d6
Expression d8
Intellect d6
Endurance d6

Hammer Necklace d10
Firefox d8

Powers (Boons & Knacks):

Bolster Fire ability to influence fire, d6 (can spend a point of legend to automatically step up a fire aspect on the scene without needing to roll)
Fire Immunity totally immune to damage from fire & smoke (you still feel the heat, and it still affects your mundane gear)
Brehan’s Eye make a roll based on perception and empathy to learn about to legend, virtues, and nature of a target; can spend legend to try and read everyone present, and get a d8 bonus
Change State of Water Spend a point of legend to make a dex+craft based roll to change the state of (up to) tens of cubic metres of water in the area (options are ice, liquid, steam, fog)
Crushing Grip d6 bonus on grappling rolls
Solipsistic Well-Being Spend legend, and ignore an unexpected attack (once per scene)
Perfect Pitch d8 bonus on hearing rolls, perfect hearing and great audio-memory (e.g. can work out a phone number from hearing someone dial)

Born & raised in Dublin, Ireland
Estranged granddaughter of Lahna

Tyler Fawe

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