Scions of the Old Gods

Entangled by Fate
the PCs find themselves drinking in the same hotel, as their stories intertwine

drinks, suspicion, agree to work together, fire alarm, fight with shadow ninjas, split up

Strange Beginnings
In which we meet a disparate group of scions

The previous night, Nathan Dow stole a diamond from the penthouse of Tony Venturo. This morning, reading his paper at breakfast in Hotel Regina, he discovers the strange and disquieting information that some sort of ancient drum was also stolen last night at the same time.

Tyler Fawe is working her mobile forge on the edge of paris, when Renée Rousseau approaches her on behalf of the Tuatha de Dannan and asks her to find a celtic drum (a Bodhrán) which was stolen the previous night. The Bodhran, she elaborates, is a relic associated with the bean sí fey (from who legends of banshees arose), and has powers relating to death and shadows. Tyler says that she will think it over, and will meet Ms Rousseau tonight in the bar of her hotel to give her decision.

James Mortimer receives a phone call from Gabriella Tyne, a woman who has been frightened by ghostly events in her house, and wishes to consult James in has capacity as an exorcist. James agrees to meet her at her house in a few hours to investigate.

Alex Jackson receives a visit from her friend Katrina Westin, a rising star police detective, who sometimes informally consults Alex with the more puzzling cases (Alex has an incredible talent for solving such puzzles). Katrina explains that two items where stolen from a wealthy businessman’s penthouse suites last night: an impressive diamond, and as ancient drum.
Alex then has a visit from a man claiming that he is a) her father, and b) a god from the ancient world. He asks her to investigate the recent theft of an ancient drum associated with the Irish pantheon, who are calling in an old favour from him to help retrieve it. Vulcan leaves a chest full of gold and exquisitely crafted tools as a down payment for the services of his daughter, and leaves (to the relief of them both).

Tyler gets a call from her friend Gabriella Tyne, explaining that she has been scared by what seems to be a haunting in her house. She adds that she has invited an exorcist to take a look around, and would appreciate her friend being there so that she doesn’t have to been alone in the house when he calls. Tyler agrees, and heads out.

Nathan Dow visits the Paris train station and deposits his newly acquired diamond into a secure locker and then heads back to the hotel. Taking a drink in the bar, he bumps into Katrina Westin. They sit down together for a drink, and Nathan determines that Kat is investigating the theft from last night. She becomes slightly suspicious of his conversation, and he takes his leave after exchanging numbers with her.

James Mortimer arrives at Gabriella’s house, and is greeted at the door by Tyler. She sees his cerberus pup and is momentarily surprised, but recovers quickly.
The three of them talk for a while, with James leading the discussion with questions about the haunting, and then he and Tyler head down to the cellar.

Alex takes a walk through the streets of Paris to clear her head, and finds that fate has not finished messing with her yet – she sees four thugs closing in on a good-looking man in a dark alleyway. She calls out, warning off the ne’erdowells and preparing to vent some of her frustrations should they try to attack her.
Nathan, the figure being cornered, reacts quickly. He dives through a window into the building as his cat streaks off, but is grabbed by one of the thugs. He struggles free, and two of the thugs clamber through the window after him drawing pistols, whilst the other pair engage Alex.

After a couple a minutes investigating the dark cellar, and exchanging introductions now that their mortal companion is no longer in earshot, the two scions are surprised by a ghost.
The spectre attacks them, and they dodge backwards and drawn their weapons. Tyler clutches her pendant and detaches it from the necklace, where uton it grows into a hammer; and James draws a bastard-sword that he had somehow carried concealed inside his coat.

Alex finds that she has conveniently left a hefty spanner in her toolbelt, and begins having at the thugs with it. Meanwhile, Nathan dives into a shadow by calling on the strange mystical powers afforded to him by the bracelet given to him by an unlikely messenger of the gods a few months before (in the guise of a random hobo). He lurks in the shadowy corner, invisible to mortal eyes, and waits as his attackers split up.

James darts forward and attempts to close on the ghost with his sword, as it fires off blasts of supernatural terror. Tyler instinctively searches around for sources of fire with which to cleanse the spirit, and a ring on James’ hand blazes into life emitting a scarlet fire.
The ghost is driven backwards by their combined onslaught, is slashed with the sword-blade and finished with a hammer-blow.

Alex handily defeats the two thugs, surprising both herself and them with her prowess, and then runs around to the window of the building that the victim escaped into.
Looking through the windowpane, she sees Nathan emerging her a shadow and locking eyes with one of the thugs, who is instantly mesmerised into a trance. Nathan strides forward, keeping eye contact, and disarms his foe.
The thug snaps out of it is quickly interrogated by Nathan, in a commanding voice that brooks no disobedience. He sends the thug off with a warning to his employer Leonard Harris.

Alex approaches Nathan, and attempts to get information out of him. Nathan stonewalls, and heads back to the Hotel.

James investigates the Catacombs, attempting to find the source of the apparition that was haunting the depths of Gabriella’s house. He discovers the faint magical resonance of a Necormancer, and a map and cloak stashed in an alcove.

Meanwhile, back at the Hotel, Tyler meets Renée and tells her that she will take on the task of searching for the drum.


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